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This shows the main screen, all the standard stuff, abilities scores, saving throws, armor, weapons, skills.

Spell Manager

Shows the spells prepared, can click on the X when a spell is cast and it will move to the Spells Cast list. The state of the Spells Cast is stored in the database so you can know exactly what spells you have and already cast in between games.

Divine SpellBook

Shows complete list of spells for your class up to the max level you can cast. For clerics it also lists your domain spells.

Arcane Spellbook

For Wizards/Sorcerers will only show spells known up to max level you can cast.


Shows all your skills with complete info including half ranks for Cross Class skills. Can increment the ranks when you attain new skill points. Can also add new skills/feats from this screen.


A little char sheet for familiars. Base saves/skills are taken from the character if they are better. All the Familiar stats based on character lvl are calculated.


  • 12/06
  • -Complete rewrite
  • -Multiclass code allows for multiple classes including seperate spellcasting classes

  • 5/05:
  • -Created saving throw module, adjusts for things that affect saves like Luck of Heros, Divine Grace etc..
  • -Created armor class module, adjusts for things like two-weapon defense.
  • -Added mount code for Paladins

  • 4/05:
  • -Created a attack roll module that calculates the base attack and attack roll for certain weapons, can adjust for things like two-weapon fighting, weapon finesse.

  • 2/05:
  • -Added domains to the spell manager
  • -Rewrote the multiclass code, no longer limited to 2 and they can be multiple spellcasting as long as they are of the same type ie. arcane or divine

  • 8/04:
  • -Have sql scripts for most of the base classes to create the class db for auto leveling.
  • -Added two-weapon fighting code
  • -Fixed up the nav bars
  • -Started building animal companion/familiar templates

  • 2/04:
  • -Working on creating an install script, something to at least create the initial db tables and populate the class info tables.

  • 1/04:
  • -Added some basic multiclass code. Only works for 2 classes and they can't be both spellcasting classes.
  • -Changed all the tables to use CSS, so now the whole color scheme can be changed globably with just the editing of one file.

My char sheet scripts weren't designed to just be a char maint program, plenty of utilities for that. I started playing D&D with my laptop couple years ago and decided I would store my char info in a database, and from there it's evolved.

All the basic info like ability modifiers are stored in the database and the other info like AC, saving throws, base attack, attack rolls are calculated on the fly based on the ability scores and other things

I mostly use it for the spells manager, always hated keeping track of what spells I've prepared and cast during the day, this does it all for me. And because it's stored in the database I always know what spells I cast last session, usefull for those long breaks inbetween sessions

Right now it requires a mod_perl enabled webserver with HTML::Mason and a MySQL database.