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E.G.G - Grim-N-Gritty Combat System - v 0.9.1

Character Hit Points and Damage

One of the core concepts in the EGG GrimnGritty system is that all monsters, characters and creatures have the same, static number of hit points (25 hp). For each point of lethal or nonlethal damage a character suffers in combat, you subtract one point from your hit points or tally up one point of damage (whichever method you prefer). Lethal and nonlethal damage should be kept track of separately, and the effects of each will stack.

As you loose hit points (or accrue damage) you will enter different 'wound categories'. The effects of lethal and nonlethal damage are cumulative. The categories and their effects are as follows:

Wound Categories Hit Points (Damage) Lethal Penalties Non-lethal Penalities
Minor 25 - 21 (0-4) 0 0
Light 20 - 16 (5-9) -1 -1
Moderate 15 - 11 (10-14) -2 -2
Severe 10 - 6 (15-19) -3 -3
Critical 5 - 1 (20-24) -5 -5
Dying/K.O. 0 - -9 (25-34) -10 -10
Dead -10 (35) -- NA

Wound Conditions

Soak ^^

Soak is another major feature of the revised EGG GrimnGritty system. Soak is a character's ability to 'soak up' damage from an attack. The higher a character's Soak, the less damage he suffers from an attack. A character's Soak score is determined with the following formula:

Constitution modifier + Armor bonus + Natural Armor bonus + Size modifier

Constitution modifiers, armor bonuses, and natural armor bonuses are familiar to users of the d20 system and require no explanation. Use the table below to determine a character's Soak modifier for size.

Size Soak
Fine -16
Diminutive -8
Tiny -4
Small -2
Med +0
Large +2
Huge +4
Gargantuan +8
Colossal +16

For example, a Large monster with 18 Constitution and +4 natural armor, would have Soak 10. A human with 12 Constitution, wearing full plate mail (+8 armor bonus), would have Soak 9.

Toughness: The Toughness feat adds +1 Soak, rather than +3 hit points. In this system, you can acquire Toughness no more than three times.

Toad Familiar: Having a toad familiar adds +1 Soak, rather than +3 hit points.

Generic Damage Reduction:Characters with generic damage reduction (i.e., damage reduction that looks like #/ and cannot be overcome by special weapons) convert that damage reduction into Soak on a oneforone basis. For example, a 13th level barbarian with Damage Reduction 3/ in the standard rules gains +3 Soak in the revised EGG GrimnGritty rules.

Temporary Hit Points: Spells and effects that granted temporary hit points grant temporary soak instead. Temporary Soak is always considered before regular soak and one point of temporary soak is lost for each point of damage it prevents.

Resolving Attacks ^^


Defense replaces the Armor Class as the mechanic by which a character avoids being hit in combat. Defense represents a character's ability to roll with blows and dodge attacks. Figure a character's Defense bonus using the following formula:

Base Defense Bonus + Dexterity Modifier + Size Modifier + Shield Modifier + Other Modifiers

Your base defense bonus equals your base attack bonus or your base Reflex saving throw, whichever is better. The other modifiers should be familiar. Use of a shield adds to your Defense, but it may limit your maximum Dexterity bonus. (Note: Wearing armor may also reduce your maximum Dexterity modifier.) Size effects defense just as it effects AC in the standard game rules. Other bonuses to defense include deflection bonuses, dodge bonuses, and cover. (Basics: Any modifier in the standard combat system that affects AC, other than armor or natural armor bonuses, affects Defense in the EGG GrimnGritty system.)

Size Defense
Fine +8
Diminutive +4
Tiny +2
Small +1
Medium +0
Large -1
Huge -2
Gargantuan -4
Colossal -8

For example, an unarmored human with 15 Dexterity and a base attack bonus of +7 would have a Defense of +9.

Note: Enhancement bonuses to armor increase the armor's Soak value, not your Defense.

The Attack Roll

An attack roll represents your attempt to strike your opponent . When you make an attack roll, you roll a d20 and add your attack bonus. (Other modifiers may apply to this roll.) Your opponent rolls a d20 and adds his defense bonus. (Other modifiers may apply to your opponent's roll.) If your result equals or exceeds your target's defense roll, you hit and deal damage.

Automatic Misses and Hits: A natural 1 on an attack roll is always a miss. A natural 20 is always a hit.

Immobile and Helpless Targets: Immobilized or helpless targets automatically roll a 1 on the defense roll.

Touch Attacks: Touch attacks gain a +4 attack bonus since the EGG GrimnGritty rules already ignore armor and natural armor for purposes of determining a hit.

The Damage Roll

When your attack succeeds, you deal damage.

You roll the damage dice of the attack. Apply modifiers for enhancement bonuses, Strength, and the like. For every point you beat your opponent's defense roll, add +1 to the damage inflicted.

Your target will apply his damage reduction or energy resistance (if applicable), and his Soak to the attacks damage.

If the result is positive, your target looses one hit point (tallies one point of damage) for every point of damage you inflict. Otherwise, you cause no damage to your target. For example, if you beat your opponents defense roll by 5 and your attack inflicts 8 points of damage (5 + 8 = 13), but your targets damage reduction and soak total 15 (13 < 15), you inflict no damage. But if you beat your opponents defense roll by 15 and your attack inflicts 8 points of damage (17 + 8 = 25), you inflict 10 (25 15 = 10) points of damage.

Maximum Damage Dice

There is a 4D maximum cap to the base damage dice rolled for an attack. If your attack uses more than four dice, you convert the additional dice into a damage modifier, per table 7, below.

Damage Dice Modifiers
Die Size Damage per die over 4
d3 or less +1 per die
d4 +2 per die
d6 +3 per die
d8 +4 per die
d10 +5 per die
d12 +6 per die

For example, in the standard rules, the breath of a red dragon at great wyrm age inflicts 24d10 damage. In the revised EGG GrimnGritty system, it causes 4d10+100 damage. (Best to seek cover!) A fireball that inflicts 8d6 in the standard rules causes 4d6+12.

Critical Hits

The standard D20 rules apply to critical hits, save that only weapon damage is multiplied on a critical hit. Strength modifiers, magical pluses, etc. are not multiplied.

Healing and Recovery ^^

Natural Healing

A character recovers one lost hit point of lethal damage per day of rest if he has Light, Moderate or Severe wounds. Otherwise, if a character is Critically wounded or is Dying, he recovers one lost hit point per week. Successful longterm care from a trained healer doubles the rate of recovery.

A character recovers one lost nonlethal hit point per 10 minutes of rest, even if unconscious.

Supernatural Healing

Cure spells, the Lay on Hands ability, regeneration and other supernatural means of recovering hit points work normally in the EGG GrimnGritty system.

Furthermore, a creatures size has an effect on how well curative magics work. Small creatures can be healed by curative magics more easily than large creatures can. Apply the bonuses on the following table to cure spells, lay on hands, and other positive energy cure effects, up to the number of hit points restored by the spell or effect.

Size Healing Bonus
Fine +8
Diminutive +4
Tiny +2
Small +1
Medium +0
Large -1
Huge -2
Gargantuan -4
Colossal -8

For example, a cure minor wounds spell that normally restores 1 hit point will heal two hit points (not three) when cast on a tiny creature. Similarly, the same spell cast on a large creature will have no noticeable effect and a cure light wounds that would normally heal 5 hit points will only heal 3 on a huge creature.

Healing powers that are not positive energy based (fast healing, regeneration, etc.) do not apply this bonus.

Dying and Stabilization

Dying and stabilization work just as described in the Core Rules except that it takes longer. A dying character looses one hit point every minute (10 rounds) rather than every round. Likewise, stabilization checks are made only every minute, each time a character looses a hit point.


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