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General Campaign Information

Kingdom of Ritam Symbol

You are all residents of Uristown a small town in the Barony of Fallon, in the Kingdom of Upper Ritam. Uristown is primarily a self-sufficient farming village where wheat and hops are the main crops. There is a small river nearby which supports 1 fishmonger and sport fishing, mostly trout. In season apples, strawberries and pumpkins are also grown locally. Uristown has a population of about 400 and everyone pretty much knows everyone else.

The main town buildings are located wholly within the ruined walls of an ancient great city. There are remnants of the city in many parts of town and beyond. The most significant parts are The Gatehouse Inn and the Uris Statue. The Gatehouse Inn is actually built within and around the old gatehouse of the city. The ancient portcullis bisects the main dining area of the inn. There are many items from a culture long since past in the decor of the inn.

The Uris Statue is located on Statue Island, the name of the small island that divides the Crow River on the east side of town. This island was once apparently a beautiful plaza. The island is mostly covered with large pieces of marble fitted together like flagstones.

Baron Fallon keeps a small contingent of guards in Uristown, mainly to collect his taxes. The taxes are not overburdening, but not a simple matter either. The town has no real imports of any kind and 70% of the crops are sent to Fallon, the city with the Baron's namesake. King Harold XII rules Upper Ritam and has ruled for 25 years peacefully. The King has only imposed a tax directly on Uristown twice in that time; one was for an expansion to his castle, and the other was to fund an expedition across the Great Wasteland. The castle came out beautiful and it is said that parts are actually open to the public if you ever make your way to Ritam City. The expedition was well equipped, but never heard from again. Beyond that there is very little outside influence on Uristown. Wild animals are common and usually quickly dealt with, but there have been no sightings of any strange beasts in a long, long time.

The Kingdom of Upper Ritam was formed 1156 years ago. Before that there were basically 4 city-states in the region at the sites where Ritam, Fallon, Poster and Dane now sit. Pitor Ritam unified the city-states and formed the Kingdom of Upper Ritam. It is believed that he intended to cross the Border Peaks and form another kingdom called Lower Ritam, but he never returned from the Great Wasteland.

The Kingdom of Ritam is basically a good community. Most citizens are respectful of other people, other's property and the law's of the land. People are generally happy with the way things are. While each Barony may have different problems the King's influence is not felt directly by the people and so they have a fairly good opinion of him.



Basically the Elves have moved on; where no one knows. You will see a rare Elf in the larger cities, but their kind has mostly left the Kingdom. The half breeds have effectively disappeared as well through continual pure breeding. You will occasionally see someone that has an elvish trait. There are rumors that the Elves have a small settlement in the Great Forest, outside of Ritam City.


The Dwarves have basically confined themselves to the Border Peaks. They effectively define a stopgap for the Great Wasteland. They work hand in hand with the forces at Acuzio and the barbarian tribes to the north. While Dwarves are more common than Elves in the human settlements, it is still quite uncommon to see a Dwarf.


The Halflings live as a parasitic race in all the larger towns and cities. When the human population exceeds 5,000 you will see Halflings. Their numbers are well concealed, but estimates put them at around 10% of the human population. Halflings live off the excess that is created by large civilizations. They are quick to take on work that no one wants to do for themselves, and often they work at extremely cheap wages.


There are no gnomes. No one alive has every heard of them, at all, ever.

Other Humanoids and Monstrous Humanoids

The goblins, orcs, kobolds, gnolls, and the like are all known, but do not have a presence anywhere in the Kingdom. They have often tried to infiltrate the Border Peaks, but are repelled by the forces at Acuzio and the Dwarves. There is a new threat though that appears to be organizing the goblinoids and other monstrous humanoids. This threat is a race of anthropomorphic vultures. Thus far they have been rarely seen, but when they are they are leading forces in much more organized assaults. The only name given to them at this point has been Vultrocs.


The people of Ritam fear the Undead. They can think of nothing more evil or disturbing. When Undead are discovered they are quickly wiped out. Most people in the Kingdom have never actually seen an Undead creature, but all have heard stories and legends. If a spell caster is discovered to be studying the methods of creating or summoning Undead, they are quickly ostracized and banished from the Kingdom. Acuzio will put them out into the Great Wasteland and ensure that they do not return. Necromantic spells are not so universally outlawed, but all necromantic spells of or pertaining to the Undead are treated with the same intolerance, as are spells that directly affect the life force of another.

There has not been an attack per se of undead in your lifetime, or even your great-grandparents lifetime. The undead stories that you hear of are usually an animated skeleton or zombie. Usually it is a singular creature that is sighted and destroyed. Then the hunt begins for the person who created it. Often times no one is found.

No one that you have ever heard of has ever practiced death magic in Uristown. There was a rumor that a Maglan Wizard of some repute was run out of Fallon about 8 years ago (1148). Apparently there were allegations of necromantic activity, but it was never proven. The Baron was not comfortable petitioning for banishment because the facts were not conclusive, so he let mob run him out of town.


Dragons have left the Kingdom alone for quite some time. The legends tell of Dragons, both good and evil, very few people alive today have actually seen a true Dragon. Occasionally someone on patrol near Acuzio will swear that they saw one, but the sightings are never verified.

Training locations for PC classes
Name Location Classes
College of Performance Excellence Ritam City Bard
House of Destiny Border Peaks Monk
Northern Wardens Dark Forest and Border Peaks Ranger
Triad Ritam City Rogue, Scout, Spell thief
Verdic Grove Great Forest Druid
Acuzio Edge of the Great Wasteland Sorcerer, Hexblade, Warlock, Warmage
Academy of Martial Arts Ritam City Fighter, Marshall
Maglan Academy Maglan Isle Wizard

Cralloc Invasion, about 500 years ago

The story of the Cralloc Invasion is the last great epic battle story of the land. The legend tells of a Giant race called Cralloc mustering the goblinoids forces in the Great Wasteland and leading an invasion through the Border Peaks and into Upper Ritam. The Cralloc's had powerful allies, but so did the people of Ritam. This was the last battle story where Dragon's were referenced. Each side had a draconic champion; the Cralloc's had Reth'yar-wull-Colk a massive Black Dragon, and Ritam had Acuzio'thes-cole-Quate, a noble Silver Dragon.

There were massive casualties on both sides, but tide of the battle was turned by a hero named, Ian Rothas. Ian was a renowned swordsman and adventurer. When the call when out to protect the kingdom he answered and join the forces north of the Border Peaks to try and turn the evil Cralloc forces back. Ian was personally responsible for killing many Crallocs and their minions and during the battle he earned the title, Giantbane.

His most glorious act came when the Dragons, Acuzio and Reth began fighting near where Ian rested. Ian had been fighting all day and was gathering his strength to enter the battle again. Acuzio and Reth had been locked in a titanic struggle that had lasted for 17 days. Neither Dragon had been able to get the better of the other, but both were exhausted. At the last Reth seemed to get the upper hand (claw) and was making a last ditch dive at Acuzio's throat. At the last moment Acuzio moved to one side and Reth crashed into the rocky mountainside, but not before Reth was able to deliver a mortal wound. Reth's broken body died on the mountain side. Ian rushed to Acuzio's aid and the Dragon greeted him, "Giantbane, the tide has turned and the Crallocs are defeated. Rally the troops and push them back beyond the Border Peaks, then return to me when this is complete."

Ian did as he was commanded and returned to Acuzio 4 days later. The Dragon was at the end. Ian moved close to receive final instructions from Acuzio, but when he got close enough the final breath of Acuzio filled Ian's nostrils. Legend tells us that as Ian 'Giantbane' Rothas inhaled Acuzio's final breath he became instantly aware of the Dragon's final wishes. Ian went on to form Acuzio, the bastion of defense and training ground for powerful Arcane spell casters.

Ian contacted the Dwarves and told them of the location of Acuzio's body. The Dwarves have a special connection with Dragons that Men do not understand. The Dwarves did not get involved with the affairs of Men, until the Cralloc Invasion. And while they were not instrumental in forcing the giants back into the Great Wasteland, but they did keep them from entering further north into the Border Peaks. When Ian told them of the location of Acuzio's body, they removed it and gave it a proper place of honor. Because Ian seemed an honorable man, the Dwarves entered into an agreement with Men to help defend Ritam and the newly constructed Acuzio. For their part, Men agreed to stay to the east of the Border Peaks and leave the rest of the world alone. Ian 'Giantbane' Rothas picked up a new title, 'Dwarf-friend', and no one has earned it since.

General Notes


The world has always been, but Man came to the world first many millennia ago They were brought here by Aothose to protect them from the conflicts between the Ascended.

Unfortunately shortly after they arrived Aothose disappeared forever and Man had to make his own way in the world They never heard from Aothose or any of the other Ascended again The Ascended were a race of Celestial beings that treated Man as a science project There never was any worship of the Ascended, nor any religion surrounding them.

From a general calendar perspective, the year is 1156 The calendar started with the Kingdom of Upper Ritam was formed.


Most areas experience the four seasons to some degree. Late summer is the most likely season for thunderstorms to occur, during the month of Unicorn.


Terrain is varied, but there are a few mountains until you get to the Border Peaks Forests and plains are predominant.

Social Classes

The Royalty is mostly in Ritam City. Next are the Barons. There are 5 Baronies; Fallon (Bartholomew Fallon), Rothas (Ian Rothas XX), Beckett (Gregorus Beckett), Poster (Silas Poster V), and Dane (Porter Dane).

There are also other Noble Families, socially higher ones in Ritam City, and lower ones in the capitols of the Baronies These families have either blood ties to the Royalty or the Barons, or have significant enough wealth to achieve a higher status After that it's not so well defined Everyone makes their own lot A skilled glassblower may have more influence than a merchant in one town, while the merchant will have more influence in another Halflings take up the lowest social class.

Uris Statue

The Uris Statue is a 15 foot marble statue of a woman in a flowing gown holding a strange instrument in one hand and a spear in the other The spear head is very ornate and foreign in design and the haft of the spear is half what is should be to be a proper spear The woman has her face lifted high and faces slightly up and east as if to greet the morning sun There is much speculation as to what the instrument is, many think it is some kind of musical instrument, some think it's a magic device to control the weather, and others think it is an ancient sextant used to chart the heavens The children of Uristown will commonly swim out to Statue Island in the warm weather and dare one another to touch the Uris Statue.

The interest in touching the Uris statue came about 30 years ago It started as nothing more than a child's dare, but some have taken it to a superstitious level Most people under the age of 35 have touched the statue, but residents older than 35 generally have not Visitors think that it's just a local quirk, and most have no interest Occasionally someone will travel to Uristown just to touch it, but most people think that they are just strange Even in Uristown it is seen as still nothing more than a child's dare to most.


There is basically no travel outside the Kingdom The mountain range to the southwest, the Border Peaks, effectively shields Ritam from other parts of the continent The Kingdom is self sufficient.

Travel is not restricted Most people in town are just commoners They have everything they need right in town and see no reason to travel anywhere else The biggest ambition that most have it to go to Fallon and see the Baron's Castle Of the small percentage of youth that do go away for training, most only return occasionally While people are warned of the dangers of the Great Wasteland, no one is prohibited from go there.

Naval technology has not progressed beyond craft that navigate by staying in sight of shore Legend holds that there are great monsters out in the see that will capsize all vessels that venture too far There have been craft that have strayed from visual contact with shore and they have never been heard from again.


In small towns, such as Uristown, the Baron's militia is all the law that is usually needed Captain Jed Crowley is the current leader of the militia If there is a crime the he does not fell comfortable adjudicating on, or if the populace demands a trail, then the accused and accuser are escorted to Fallon In Fallon the Baron has 3 Judges that settle disputes that cannot be handled by the militia.

The laws are fairly simple and standard Crimes against the Baron or Baron's representatives are dealt with more strictly, and of course crimes against the King have the harshest punishment Death is not imposed, at all, ever If the crimes are heinous enough; intentional murder, treason, sedition, etc. the individual is branded on the forehead and banished to the Great Wasteland While this punishment certainly means death, it is viewed as the evil doer just joining his own kind.

Banishment can only be handed out by order of the King, through the High Magistrates All three Judges of the Barony must agree that Banishment is warranted and then the case must be taken to Ritam City and one of the three High Magistrates will decide The Black Dragons stationed at Acuzio will carry out the Banishment.

The Northern Wardens are a group of Rangers and like minded individuals who mostly that patrol the more uncivilized lands in Ritam The name is misleading in that they are not exclusively in the North The Wardens, as they are more commonly now called can be found all over Upper Ritam The have heavy concentrations in the Border Peaks and the Dark Forest. They are very much a nomadic organization and do not have a permanent base There are many smaller structures that the Wardens have used, abandoned and reused over time The also have a kind of administration building in Ritam City and in the capitols of each Barony.

The foes of the Wardens are mostly bandits, outlaws, and magical beasts that roam the land The Wardens will all assist Acuzio in times of need, but mostly will stick to interior affairs of Ritam. The Northern Wardens were formed about 1100 years ago They were formed soon after the Kingdom of Ritam came into being At that time the Kingdom was much smaller than it is now and the lands North of Ritam City was a wild and dangerous place The Northern Wardens were formed to protect the fledgling Kingdom A draft was instituted, almost like 2 year mandatory service. Every year each village and town had to supply a number of 18 year olds commensurate with their population to the Northern Wardens, the Army, and to Acuzio This has kept the ranks of the Wardens full and well balanced.

The current leader of the Wardens is Ranger Matthew Walluse He has been Head Warden for about 10 years now Ranger Matthew was a former Black Dragon in the Kings Service, but gave it up to become a Ranger At the age of 30 he trained with the recruits and quickly moved up the chain of command After only 5 years as a Ranger he was selected to lead his troupe, and 5 years later he became the Head Warden.

Every spring Rangers are sent to each town and village to collect the draft Anyone who wishes to join simply has to ask The Wardens find a job for everyone that joins, not all become Rangers, but all will be able to serve in some capacity.

Ritam Symbol

Kingdom of Ritam Symbol

The symbol has great meaning The Dragon represents the allies that the early Kingdom had If it wasn't for the Dragons, Ritam wouldn't have survived the first 600 years of it life The emblem represents the 3 Original Baronies; Fallon, Poster, and Dane, and Ritam City joining them in the center The Brown on the Dragon represents Stability, the Green represents Loyalty, and the Yellow represents Happiness.


Bandits and ruffians are typically the most dangerous encounters on main routes In the wild, Dire animals have been reported as well as different magical beasts, the most powerful creature sighted lately has been a large gray beast standing over 9 feet tall that rends smaller creatures with powerful claws.


1 Dragon (platinum) = 10 Kings (gold) = 100 Barons (silver) = 1000 Bits (copper)


Astrology has replaced religion in Upper Ritam The concept of Gods does not exist Mother Nature is respected and revered all throughout the Kingdom by all as well as a healthy respect for one's ancestors, more especially in the rural communities than the urban ones.