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The Immortal

  • Bill Mohr - 2000
  • Derrick Rochon - 2001
  • DJ Breau - 2005
  • Mike Ledoux - 2006

July 8, 2006 is the annual ROYAL RUMBLE (RR)

RR Rules

1) Character Creation

2) Arena Specifics

3) Winning the RR

-The first player to place three of the five adamantite spheres located in the center of the arena in the mesh sock located at his starting position wins the RR. The winner has assured himself of D&D Immortality and a year of gloating on Saturday nights. His name will appear on the Royal Rumble Memorial with previous winners from years past. Players not man enough to compete in the RR forfeit all rights to rebuke any gloating by the winner.

4) Miscellaneous